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Thursday, February 25, 2010

YouTube - CSI Miami Superforce Season 10 Teaser Trailer Superforce Horatio Caine

- CSI Miami Superforce Season 10 Teaser Trailer Superforce Horatio Caine
: "CSI Miami inside scoop and sneek peek at the new episodes and trailer, along with spoiler alerts, for CSI Miami Season 10."

Monday, August 3, 2009

Twitter and Superforce - The First 48 Hours

The Superforce Network Breaks 100 Followers on Twitter in just the first 2 days!!
Thanks to All our 100 first Followers, and the many more to come on Twitter.

To Follow us on Twitter, simply Click Here.

If you do not have a Twitter yet, Visit

Internet marketing is blowing up on Twitter, and the 140 character updates are a relief for us bloggers which want to weed through the Tweeters to Find The Ones That Would Be a Good "Follow Relationship". We appreciate our followers, and will always keep you in mind.

- Superforce President

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

3 Easy Ways of Earning Money Through Superforce

A lot of people wonder how can they make money using and following our examples.

The answer is never simple, never something that can be explained in One Conversation; simply because in order to have a Full Operating Network, you must invest a good amount of time, and accumulate knowledge.

The knowledge we have to offer is the accumulated knowledge spread over the course of One Year.

We can't Guarantee you'll become Rich overnight, but We Can Guarantee that we will teach you everything you need to know about Making Money Online.

* SKIP ALL THE RESEARCH and just get right to it, here!

Once you learn what we will teach you, of course you will do your own research,
and explore more opportunities.

We just give you the 'push' that you need to get started in one of the following:
  • Start an Online business, self-sustaining, and for FREE!
  • Create a 'niche' to bring you some Income
  • Become an Affiliate Marketer
  • Earn Commissions and Income through our numerous opportunities
  • Set up your own Network
  • Learning ways to Make Money Online
  • Create extra streams of income without quiting your day job
  • Opening your own Website, Market & Sell your Product or Offer
  • and More!
So let's begin.
I hope you find this article useful and please feel free to comment or contact us.

3 Ways of Earning Money Through The Superforce Network


Do you have a website yet? If not, get yourself at least a Free Site, or a blog. Blogs are becoming very popular now, regardless of how many are popping up all over the place.

People search for information, and if you provide information that people need, well then you will attract traffic to your site/blog.


Once you have a Site or Blog, we can start you up with a few affiliates, depending on what the content of your site consists of.

Also, by referring traffic to our sites, for example, our Graphic Design Site, you can automatically make money by commission. You are not selling, simply referring people who need those specific services, and you GET PAID!!

Then, we will evaluate your site, and teach you all the features you can add to maximize your earning potential.


Become involved in Superforce Projects and Campaigns, and receive acknowledgement and payment depending on any agreements between you and our network.

Think of this particualr offer as a partnership, with a piece of the pie for everybody- according to their own contributions to the Project/Campaign.

Isn't it time you stop following all the Twitter Fans and MySpace Junkies to dead-ends that lead to nowhere.


The Superforce Network

Here's how to Join.

To begin a Free Membership,
Click the Link Below,
for a Special Offer we currently have available
for Newbies!!
*If you've already joined, great!
Continue staying posted with your Membership newsletters, and through our other Member services.

Once you Read That, at the bottom of that page, you will find a box to enter your name and email to JOIN, and will immediately be entered into our Huge Database and Our Network.
You Are Now Covered.
After Joining, you will receive your first Member's Newsletter, as a Free Member, packed with More Valuable information that no serious entrepreneur should be without, along with useful tips and links.
Each Newsletter is One More GUIDE, and valuable content that you should either bookmark, or print out.

*In the link above, you will find EVEN MORE VALUABLE INFO regarding Making Money Online, and EARNING OPPORTUNITIES.

Try it out! You have absolutely nothing to lose, ONLY GAIN!

"See you inside- and when we meet again, you're going to be a better informed, great future prospect for Earning Income using the Internet, thanks to us."

Thank you,


Again, here is the Link to Follow for Joining and Membership.
(Just read the offer to Learn More, and you may want to Start Printing Our Information)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Superforce™ Newsline Article

The Entertainment World is in mourning as 3 of its Brightest Stars burn out and pass away.

Earlier this week, Ed McMahon passed away, then followed by Farah Fawcett, one of the beautiful Charlie's Angel Girls.

As if this was not devastating already, and enough to put Hollywood in a standstill state of mourning, the final blow and bomb dropped, and dear Michael Jackson also passes away.

We here at Superforce™, also being affiliated with the industry of Entertainment and Music, are deeply saddened by these great losses, and out of respect to the VALUE of each of these extinguished STARS, we will not give any opinion or report anything, as mere words cannot express the depth at which this has impacted the world.

We invite you to Visit our MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE site and hope you enjoy it.

We wish you all the best.

Live long and happy.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Practical Information That Will Help You Understand Your Benefits Here

Well everyone, Welcome once again, to the Superforce™ Network. A lot of people keep asking us, what exactly is Superforce™. Is it a company? A website? What is it exactly?
In light of those ponderous inquiries, we bring you an informative post, that will certainly help you comprehend the entire Superforce™ Network. Enjoy.

We created this blogsite to develop prospects & connections, and to establish a network that will offer its members incentives, commissions, opportunities, and benefits for joining.

Our 5-10 year projection is:
  • 5 years: Have over 1,000,000 million visitors
  • 2 years from now be a 500,000+ visitor website
  • Become a Fortune 500 company
  • Create Stock and Shareholders
  • Be one of the only Music, Arts, and Entertainment Networks that Makes Money for Its Members, as well as Employing Workers on a Salary Base
If I can answer with one word, it would be EVERYTHING.
A Super Company (some call it a conglomerate) that divides up into many different sectors.
Advertising, Music Development, Career Development, Promotional Services (Print/Graphics), Wholesale Product Retailer, and Social Network that Earns its members Money, is just some of the things we are known for.

First, we will get you started in your own sectors, depending on your specific talents, skills, and experience.
Next, you begin earning and making money (free) thru our affiliate contacts in the industry and by learning techniques and skills, to self-sustain yourself, and your sector.

Additionally, once you are settled with an affiliate program, you then have the opportunity to increase your member compensations and earnings thru commissions that we offer. These offers are constantly changing and morphing to compliment the things that are in demand at the moment.

We do require a strong commitment, but the best part of all this, is that you can do all this from your house (or any Internet-accessable device) along the way in your regular daily activities, while keeping your day job!
The more you play, determines the level of offers and incentives we are going to give you.
We do this to bring out the strongest players, and create the Ultimate Team. Obviously, if you're active longer, you are going to make more money, and also earn more credit and experience in this Network.

Everyone has heard of the term, "Two heads are better than One".
At Superforce™, we have a very democratic-like development process when it comes to creating ideas and developing new campaigns.

Every member is informed of meetings, topics to be discussed at the meetings, and whether they are 'required' to attend.

Your attendance and vote is important and could result in more earnings for you, by developing successful campaigns that suit you.

You have the power of the team on your side, as everything that each individual in the Network does, you can now safely say you also Do It.
Example: By being a member, if another member is an expert in Graphics Advertising, you are now able to say that you are affiliated with Graphics Advertising, and can actually be a representative, while earning commissions for just being affiliated! Amazing!
That's Connected!

Now you can see how the power of the team is tremendously affective. Essentially, the bigger the Network, the bigger the You!

There are several ways to join. The most basic way is to email us and let us know you are interested in joining. Membership is FREE and you are considered ACTIVE once you complete your first assignment.

Another way is by calling us and leaving your contact information, and a representative will call you back at his/her earliest convenience. (1-888-SUPER-05)

If you subscribe to the blog, also send us an email, with your Subscriber Name, and contact information, so that we can enter you in our database, and create your profile.

SOME OF OUR AFFILIATES & INCENTIVE PROGRAMS - Adobe - - eBay - Cha De' Bugre - Apple - Sony -Survey Panels - Inbox Cash - Promotions - Advertising - Direct Company Interaction - Graphic Design Firm Positions - Commission Based Income - Google - - Major Name Brands & Companies -Etcetera!

Our company is getting bigger and bigger, and as it grows, we are accumulating more affiliates, sponsors, and members.

If you want to join the thrill ride and begin to grow with us, now is the time.
Once we have our "cup full", then we have to stop and focus on the company. You are considered family when you are a part of the Network, and we invite you to trust us while you grow with us.

By starting now, you could also have your piece of the pie, as the company starts blowing up! You can be a contributive component to the 5-10 year Projection Plan, and in return, benefit from it as a key contributor, and any agreements made while active.

We never forget those that made the difference, and if you ask anyone who is associated with us, they will tell you that we know how to be gratuitous. After all, we're the only Network that by joining for FREE, you actually make money. That's what puts us aside from the rest!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact the administrator at:

Best Regards, and Talk With You All Soon!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Here's Another Superforce™ Radio Show Showcase - Suenalo

From the beats of Miami to the streets of the World, Suenalo Sound System only gets hotter and better. They have albums out and you can check all that out at:

Here's just a preview of the jamband's spectacular flavor!

Buy Suenalo Now @

Windows 7 beta bi-hourly shutdowns start next week

Warning: Windows 7 beta bi-hourly shutdowns start next week

This is a reminder post for all the Windows 7 users still on the beta (build 7000) that was leaked in December 2008 and officially given out to the public in January 2009 . Bi-hourly shutdowns of this build will begin on July 1, 2009. This means that the user will be told to install a released version of Windows and their PC will shut down automatically every two hours. On August 1, 2009 if you are still on the Windows 7 beta, your license will expire and the non-genuine experience will be triggered. Your wallpaper will be removed and "This copy of Windows is not genuine" will be displayed in the lower right corner above the taskbar.

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